5 Top Tips for Improving your Facebook Page

  1. Make sure your profile picture includes your brand name and/or log.


The profile picture used by Powerscourt hotel. resort and spa clearly shows the brand name and logo.






the erope hotel

The profile picture used by The Europe Hotel and Resort, does not identify the brand. this may confuse Facebook users who see it as a suggested page.





According to postplanner.com you never get  a second chance to make a first impression that’s why they suggest that your profile picture is way more important that your cover photo on Facebook.

check out the video below which shows how to change Facebook page profile picture name and cover photo.

2. Ensure that you use the same @ across the social media platforms you use

Having a simple short @ name makes it simple to find what you are looking for.

Oreo are a great example of a company that uses the same name across multiple social media platforms.





oreo insta








3. Posting content at the correct time

Businesses shouldn’t just post content when its ready. Its best for the company to analysis when its best to post.

According to sproutsocial  the best times to post on Facebook is Wednesday between noon – 2pm and Thursdays between 1pm – 2pm.


4. Its important to utilize all aspects of Facebook such as stories

Stories makes marketing more bearable, and Facebook has a ton of features that you can exploit to tell stories of the customers experiences or an uplifting story to brighten somebody’s day.

Check out this video below which shows you how important it is for businesses to use Facebook stories.

5.Post photos and videos to get the attention of the consumers.

According to yocalebusinesses graphic materials are more attractive to the human eye than text and therefore, will keep more people interested. One should post photos that illustrate how amazing your business is, how happy your workers are in their environment and how amazing the team is.