Marketing To Digital Tribes


What is a digital tribe?

A digital tribe is a community of people that have similar interests and communicate with one another using online platforms. People now are no longer constrained and isolated by physical boundaries. Instead, they can connect in a very personal way with hundreds of people with similar interests across the world using the internet, forming Digital Tribes, that hold common interests and beliefs. Businesses should view their target customers in a new way, that is, as members of Digital Tribes.

The characteristics of digital tribes 

Through my research into this interesting topic I found a very helpful article by The Guardian. The key characteristics of digital tribes you must take into consideration when analyzing  digital tribes are…. 

  1. Tribal Loyalty: This attribute considers the strength of the tribe in terms of the loyalty of its members to each other or to an area of interest, as well as its longevity. 

      2.Tribal size: Large tribes may suggest that a revenue model based on free content               supported by advertising and based on volume may be appropriate. Conversely, a               small tribe should recognize that it will have to pay to gain access to its niche areas           of interest.

      3.Tribal wealth: An understanding of the collective wealth of the tribe is essential                 for an evaluation of the digital opportunity. The wealthier the tribe, the greater its             ability to support a pay revenue model.

  4. Creation of collective rules: These tribes create and share a set of collective rules            and behaviors, which allows tribe users to distinguish each other from non-tribe                members, for example, camping out in front of Apple stores before the launch of                a new product.

  5. Place of social bonding: the group acts as a place of social bonding, support and               belonging, allowing individuals to create an identity that helps distinguish them                 from others.  

Examples of Digital Tribes

In this example it shows passionate Manchester United fans sharing their opinions and functional knowledge to one another .


Game of Thrones has become the biggest TV series of all times and has a massive fan base that reaches the millions across the world.


Through digital tribes the fans can really connect with one another. I am not fluent in German but you can tell these cans really are connecting with one another over Game of Thrones.

Capture.PNG ger