YouTube Bumper Ads Explained


What is a YouTube Bumper Ad?

YouTube’s Bumper ads are six second spots designed around current viewing habits. While audiences are still willing and eager to engage with longer-form advertising, brands also need to be able to weave in effective shorter messages to guarantee exposure and a consistent brand experience when attention is at a premium. If its done correctly it should grasp the attention of the viewers.

Rules to Creating a YouTube Bumper Ad

  1. Keep it simple: With a YouTube bumper ad, you have a very short amount of time to tell your story. Bumpers are designed to reach viewers in moments when a quick, focused message is most appropriate. Ads shouldn’t be overloaded with complex messaging, while creative elements should be kept simple so that they can be easily digest what they are watching. YouTube found that action packed creatives were associated with higher Ad Recall and Brand Awareness, as in this example from Asda.
  2. Include a short and snappy product showcase:  When you are working with only six seconds you have to get directly to the point. There is no time to include all of the components that are usually included in a 30 second spot, such as story, product info, taglines and branding. As seen in these examples from Pampers,Coca-Cola and  Renault.
  3. Echo and striking visuals: Striking visuals, such as in this bumper by Mountain Dew, can effectively echo longer campaign creative, or as in this example from Heineken, can create a sense of mystery and expectation.

Advantages to YouTube Bumper Ads

  1. Cost-Effective:Making a video which is only 6 seconds long compared to a video nearly 2 minutes long cuts the cost of making it dramatically.
  2. Non-Skippable:By using a video ad format that viewers are unable to skip, you increase the chances that your ad remains directly in front of the eyes of potential customers before, during or after the main attraction.
  3. Improved Ad Recall: Bumper ads are short on time, but they’re long on impact. In 2016, Google tested over 300 bumper campaigns and found that 9 out of 10 led to a “significant lift in ad recall.

For more information on YouTube introducing bumper ads, check out this article by 1SEO.


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