Brands that Rock Instagram&…. and Why


Instagram is a social media app that allows users to share photos and videos from their lives, add captions, edit filters, tweak settings, engage with others, explore and creep, and so, so much more. Instagram has been the fastest growing social media app in current times. According to Adespresso by Hootsuite, Instagram as of June 2018 has nearly 1 billion active users.

Through this graph you can see how much Instagram has grown since 2013.

stat instagram

Instagram to your regular person is a fun way to post pictures of yourself doing things you love, but to others its a business and building a brand. According to CNBC, Kylie Jenner earns 1 million dollars off sponsorship per post. On the 12th of December 2018 Kylie Jenner has 121 million followers on Instagram, these people are the target audience  of the products she is advertising for.

kylie jenner

Kylie will post very frequently about her day to day life using Instagram stories and posts. She also uses Instagram for ads that company’s pay her to post on her Instagram account. In this picture Kylie is ad advertising teamiblends and is earning a very healthy 1 million dollars doing so.


Kylie will also post very frequently with her family and keep the public interested in the Kardashians.


No mater what peoples oppions are on Kylie she really is the queen of Instagram, earning 1 million per post over 121 million followers growing day by day and having everyone trying to replicate her superstar image.

My next brand I am going to talk about is Boeing. Boeing’s Instagram account is an airplane lover’s dream. When you mention Airplanes Boeing is the first brand that comes into your head which shows how big of a brand it is.


The aerospace company has built a following of more than 984 thousand people by regularly publishing photos of its aircraft on the runwayin the air, and even approaching a beach in Saint Martin. One of the most important parts of building a social media community is being consistent with your message so that you can give people an idea of what they can expect to get from you on a regular basis. When people sign up to follow Boeing, they know they can count on the brand to post captivating photos of airplanes several times a week. While Boeing’s account is tailored to a wider audience than the private companies and government agencies it does business with, it never hurts to use social media to build a little buzz with the public at large.


YouTube Bumper Ads Explained


What is a YouTube Bumper Ad?

YouTube’s Bumper ads are six second spots designed around current viewing habits. While audiences are still willing and eager to engage with longer-form advertising, brands also need to be able to weave in effective shorter messages to guarantee exposure and a consistent brand experience when attention is at a premium. If its done correctly it should grasp the attention of the viewers.

Rules to Creating a YouTube Bumper Ad

  1. Keep it simple: With a YouTube bumper ad, you have a very short amount of time to tell your story. Bumpers are designed to reach viewers in moments when a quick, focused message is most appropriate. Ads shouldn’t be overloaded with complex messaging, while creative elements should be kept simple so that they can be easily digest what they are watching. YouTube found that action packed creatives were associated with higher Ad Recall and Brand Awareness, as in this example from Asda.
  2. Include a short and snappy product showcase:  When you are working with only six seconds you have to get directly to the point. There is no time to include all of the components that are usually included in a 30 second spot, such as story, product info, taglines and branding. As seen in these examples from Pampers,Coca-Cola and  Renault.
  3. Echo and striking visuals: Striking visuals, such as in this bumper by Mountain Dew, can effectively echo longer campaign creative, or as in this example from Heineken, can create a sense of mystery and expectation.

Advantages to YouTube Bumper Ads

  1. Cost-Effective:Making a video which is only 6 seconds long compared to a video nearly 2 minutes long cuts the cost of making it dramatically.
  2. Non-Skippable:By using a video ad format that viewers are unable to skip, you increase the chances that your ad remains directly in front of the eyes of potential customers before, during or after the main attraction.
  3. Improved Ad Recall: Bumper ads are short on time, but they’re long on impact. In 2016, Google tested over 300 bumper campaigns and found that 9 out of 10 led to a “significant lift in ad recall.

For more information on YouTube introducing bumper ads, check out this article by 1SEO.

Marketing To Digital Tribes


What is a digital tribe?

A digital tribe is a community of people that have similar interests and communicate with one another using online platforms. People now are no longer constrained and isolated by physical boundaries. Instead, they can connect in a very personal way with hundreds of people with similar interests across the world using the internet, forming Digital Tribes, that hold common interests and beliefs. Businesses should view their target customers in a new way, that is, as members of Digital Tribes.

The characteristics of digital tribes 

Through my research into this interesting topic I found a very helpful article by The Guardian. The key characteristics of digital tribes you must take into consideration when analyzing  digital tribes are…. 

  1. Tribal Loyalty: This attribute considers the strength of the tribe in terms of the loyalty of its members to each other or to an area of interest, as well as its longevity. 

      2.Tribal size: Large tribes may suggest that a revenue model based on free content               supported by advertising and based on volume may be appropriate. Conversely, a               small tribe should recognize that it will have to pay to gain access to its niche areas           of interest.

      3.Tribal wealth: An understanding of the collective wealth of the tribe is essential                 for an evaluation of the digital opportunity. The wealthier the tribe, the greater its             ability to support a pay revenue model.

  4. Creation of collective rules: These tribes create and share a set of collective rules            and behaviors, which allows tribe users to distinguish each other from non-tribe                members, for example, camping out in front of Apple stores before the launch of                a new product.

  5. Place of social bonding: the group acts as a place of social bonding, support and               belonging, allowing individuals to create an identity that helps distinguish them                 from others.  

Examples of Digital Tribes

In this example it shows passionate Manchester United fans sharing their opinions and functional knowledge to one another .


Game of Thrones has become the biggest TV series of all times and has a massive fan base that reaches the millions across the world.


Through digital tribes the fans can really connect with one another. I am not fluent in German but you can tell these cans really are connecting with one another over Game of Thrones.

Capture.PNG ger



5 Top Tips for Improving your Facebook Page

  1. Make sure your profile picture includes your brand name and/or log.


The profile picture used by Powerscourt hotel. resort and spa clearly shows the brand name and logo.






the erope hotel

The profile picture used by The Europe Hotel and Resort, does not identify the brand. this may confuse Facebook users who see it as a suggested page.





According to you never get  a second chance to make a first impression that’s why they suggest that your profile picture is way more important that your cover photo on Facebook.

check out the video below which shows how to change Facebook page profile picture name and cover photo.

2. Ensure that you use the same @ across the social media platforms you use

Having a simple short @ name makes it simple to find what you are looking for.

Oreo are a great example of a company that uses the same name across multiple social media platforms.





oreo insta








3. Posting content at the correct time

Businesses shouldn’t just post content when its ready. Its best for the company to analysis when its best to post.

According to sproutsocial  the best times to post on Facebook is Wednesday between noon – 2pm and Thursdays between 1pm – 2pm.


4. Its important to utilize all aspects of Facebook such as stories

Stories makes marketing more bearable, and Facebook has a ton of features that you can exploit to tell stories of the customers experiences or an uplifting story to brighten somebody’s day.

Check out this video below which shows you how important it is for businesses to use Facebook stories.

5.Post photos and videos to get the attention of the consumers.

According to yocalebusinesses graphic materials are more attractive to the human eye than text and therefore, will keep more people interested. One should post photos that illustrate how amazing your business is, how happy your workers are in their environment and how amazing the team is.